Our Team

MD Consultores, Lda., (MD) has a network of national and international consultants trained in reputable institutions with deep knowledge of the country. Currently, MD employs a permanent global workforce of around 40 permanent employees, including Consultants, Economists, Human Resource Managers, Psychologists, Lawyers, Project Assistants and Inquirers and about 240 employees assigned to clients in various projects.

Part of the Human Resources Consulting Team

MD Consultores, Lda., And its consultants have a deep knowledge and long experience in Human Resources Consultancy, specifically in the matter of Recruitment and Selection of Personnel, as well as Outsourcing Services Management (outsourcing of labor) for private and public companies, government institutions and also at the level of national and foreign non-governmental organizations.

Some Organizational Consulting Team Members

The Organizational Consulting Team generates changes in internal and external environments, both in human behavior and in its structure, making new technologies and the constant challenges of the market more adaptable.

Representatives of the Management Information Technology Consulting Team

MD Consultores, Lda has a team of Consultants in Information and Management Technologies, responsible for evaluating, proposing and developing business solutions and guiding the use of best technology management practices at the level of organizations. The aim is not to “do the work for organizations”, but “to teach organizations how to improve their practices, by measuring co-creation sessions, monitoring the implementation of business solutions and helping with monitoring.