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MD Consultores Lda. (MD) is a fully Mozambican capital company, specializing in consultancy services, in the economic, social, business management, human resources Implementation of Integrated Management Software (Accounting, Human Resources, Production and Operations, Commercial , between others). Founded on April 4, 2001, MD Consultores Lda. Has been operating in the market for 20 years and has been experiencing gradual growth.

Its commitment is to develop solutions to problems that affect public institutions, private companies, civil society and International Cooperation partners. MD has a network of national and international consultants trained in reputable Higher Institutions and who have a deep knowledge of the country. Currently, MD employs a global permanent workforce of around 40 permanent employees, including Consultants, Economists, Human Resources Managers, Psychologists, Lawyers, Project Assistants and about 240 employees assigned to clients in various projects.

MD Consultores, Lda, has experience at local level in all areas of its activity, in line with the applicable and universally accepted policies and procedures, gained through the work carried out in the past and in progress, our presence at the local level is of great importance because it provides us with knowledge about the country, as well as the local environment and the problems of society in general. In addition, our teams are fully aware of the international references and standards required for consultancy work in the areas where we operate. A well-established office in Maputo and with offices in Nacala, Nampula, Cuamba and Tete, ensure the availability of physical infrastructure and a support network to enable MD to mobilize resources quickly, as well as obtain and replace staff as efficiently as possible when required.

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What are the benefits of choosing MD Consultores, Lda.

Cost Reduction

MD Consultores, Lda., Helps to establish an intelligent cost reduction plan, allowing the company to invest in strategic points and generate new business opportunities.

Business Model Renewal

The market has been continuously changing, therefore, MD Consultores, Lda., Contributes to the renewal of its organization, adapting it to the main changes in the external environment.

Aquisição de Competências

Any organization needs to be competent to act with quality and achieve its objectives. To that end, MD Consultores, Lda., Provides its customers with specific skills that can be developed or acquired.